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1000 Pocket Alovera Memory Top



  • 3ft Single
  • (Mattress Only £199.99)
  • 4ft/4ft6 Double
  • (Mattress Only £299.99)
  • 5ft King
  • (Mattress Only £349.99)
  • 6ft Superking
  • (Mattress Only £599.99)

 The Aloe Vera has properties of natural softening, antibacterial and eco friendly compounds which help in aid of regenerating new skin growth. It’s a new formula to improve sleep standards. Aloe Vera offers a deep relaxing and healthy sleep. This is also a solution for hectic daily life stress as well as fatigue. The aloe Vera mattress comes with 1000 individually nested pocket springs wrapped by a layer of memory foam in a luxury knitted fabric with layers of high quality filings

  • 1000 Individually Nested Pocket Springs

  • Luxury Knitted & Hypoallergenic Fabric

  • Supportive Layers of Memory Foam

  • Firmness Rating 7/10

(Pocket springs)

(Memory foam)

(Hand tufted)

(Hypo allergenic)

(Soft touch fabric)

1500 Pocket Celebrity Encapsulated Foam Cool Gel

Celebrity Mattress Only Or Full Set

Encapsulated 1500 With Cool Gel

Full Set With 2 Free Draws And Stylish Headboard

  • 3ft Single £499.99
  • (Mattress Only £299.99)
  • 4ft/4ft6 Double £799.99
  • (Mattress Only £499.99)
  • 5ft King £999.99
  • (Mattress Only £599.99)
  • 6ft Superking £1499.99
  • (Mattress Only £999.99)

The Celebrity Lay Gel is a medium comfort grade mattress making it ideal for those who sleep in a variety of positions. 

The 20 mattress has a 3 cm layer of LayGel with edge to edge support with a central Pocket Spring System. The 

LayGel layer provides optimum aeration and thermo regulation due to its open cell structure whilst being able 

to adapt to your body shape and temperature. 

The mattress is finished with a soft touch knitted fabric creating a tailored look and includes 4 stitched 

mattress handles to aid with moving the mattress 

  • 1000 Pocket Springs 
  • Laygel Foam 
  • Edge To Edge Support 
  • Firmness Rating 6/10 
  • Bases Available Across The Faux
  • suede or Faux Leather Collection 

(Pocket springs)

(Foam encapsulated)


(Quilted top)

(No turn mattress)

(Luxurious knitted fabric)